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GSNA Executive Board

January 2017


Summary of Executive Board Actions



        As some of you were unable to attend the January 14th GSNA Executive Board and Ex. Committee meetings due to weather, we are including this summary of the actions taken at the meeting, for your information.


            1.  The 2019 location and dates for GSNA Conference are Athens, April 24 -27.


            2.  The 2017 Legislative Position Paper and related Talking Points were approved (and posted    on GSNA Web page).


            3.  The proposed change in the eligibility qualifications for the position of President elect was not approved. Action was postponed and this will be sent back to the Task Force for further consideration. (This is a result of a “For the Good of the Order” from the September Board meeting.)


            4.  No action was taken on another “For the Good of the Order” from September, that suggested the immediate Past Chair of the Industry Advisory Board have a position on the current Industry Advisory Board and also on the Executive Board. 


            5.  A request from the Atlanta Foodservice Expo to partner with them for the event was not approved.


            6.  A request from GDOE School Nutrition program to partner with GDOE and assist them with the “Student Chef Competition” related to Shake it Up was approved. GSNA will ask for support from our Industry members to donate food, door prizes and judges for the event.


            7.  A request to establish a title and role of “GSNA Ambassador,” to be given to GSNA Past Presidents (in good standing) was approved.  In addition, beginning with the 2015 year, they may choose to request a “red jacket” with the logo of “GSNA Ambassador” to wear at GSNA Events.



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