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2018 National School Lunch Week Kick Off Luncheon
Thursday, September 27th

Macon Centreplex - 200 Coliseum Dr. Macon, GA 31217-3806
8:30 - 11:15 am Seminars
11:30 am Luncheon

GSNA is ready to kick off the celebration of National School Lunch week 2018 with School Nutrition professionals from all over the state! There is going to be “Lots2Love” as we celebrate School Lunch and the people that make it happen.

Our informative training sessions designed with YOU in mind will help you stay “Serviced Minded” and “Hunger Focused” and give you “Lots2Love” throughout the year!

Educational Sessions - 8:30 - 11:15 AM
School Level Education Seminar
(Managers, Assistant Managers, Cashiers, Food Assistants)

Equipped To Serve - Knowing Your WHY– Dr. Debra Morris - SNP Director, Jackson County (1 hour)
When you know the purpose of your life and work, you tend to have a more meaningful existence than one who does not. We all differ in background, culture, personalities, and religious belief, but the one thing we have in common is our desire to thrive. These factors play a huge role in the lives we chose to live. Understanding how they factor into determining the WHY of your existence helps you to make better choices at work and at home. When you know the purpose of your WHY, you tend to approach each day with a grateful heart. Join us to explore living each day to the fullest, being willing to go where there is no path yet blazing a trail filled with success and accomplishment.

Mentoring: Change the World One Person at a Time – Claudia Harry – SEMA Reps (1 hour)
This session will enlighten and challenge us to see the light in others, invest in others and share our passion. Ensuring that our mission "School Nutrition programs as an integral part of education", will continue into the future.

System Level Educational Seminar
(Director, Supervisors, Coordinators, Central Office Staff, State Department Staff)

Schools as Nutrition Hubs – School Nutrition Association (2 hours)
Schools operating as Nutrition Hubs help provide kids with access to the nutrition they need throughout the year by operating all available federal child nutrition programs – school breakfast, lunch, afterschool/supper, and summer meals. School nutrition programs benefit too by creating important synergies to improve participation and revenue generation, reduce costs, and ensure overall sustainability.

The goal of this session is to discover how to expand your school meals programs to serve more children – identifying areas for program growth in your district, applying financial best practices, and developing a step-by-step plan for expanding key programs. 

In preparation for the session:

  1. Please download and complete this Program Inventory. This document should capture the programs in your district to help you decide where you may want to expand services.  Read over the pdf, open the embedded excel, and begin to enter your own district data.  It will be helpful to bring this in hand to the session!
  2. Take a few moments to look over additional Schools As Nutrition Hubs resources.

Both Seminars provide 2 hours for USDA Professional Development credit.
Key areas: Operations (2000) Administration (3000) and Communications (4000).

Kick Off Luncheon - 11:30 AM - Ballroom

We will recognize the work that dedicated Georgia school nutrition professionals do to have award winning programs. Plan to be there as we recognize our 2018 USDA Best Practices Award winners and celebrate those that tell your stories with the GSNA Media Awards.

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