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GSN Foundation Managers’ Retreat & Training
November 2-3, 2017 ~ Okefenokee Swamp Park

The journey of “Building Healthy Children, Ready to Learn” made a stop at the beautiful Okefenokee Swamp! The lush green setting of the park lent itself to a relaxing and adventurous time for attendees.

GSNA School Nutrition Managers and Assistant Managers  GREW professionally, SEARCHED and found new paths that will help them NOURISH their souls and ACHIEVE excellence in school nutrition.

Thank you to our wonderful presenters for doing such an AWESOME job!!    (Click on the presenters name to view their presentation.)

 Always Do Your Best - Melissa Mabry, Consultant SFSPac

 Positive Kitchen Attitude - David Pearson, Sales Associate, Charles Pace & Associates

 Taking Your Best Pic - April Cox, Manager, Forsyth County Schools

 Forecasting - Sheila Cooper, Area Coordinator, Coffee County Schools

 Chopped at the Swamp - Ann Hamner, Business Support Analyst, GDOE & Chef Connor Rankins, The Half Shell Restaurant

 Build a Better Breakfast - Julie Wilkinson, Sr. Mgr School Health & Wellness, SUDIA

 Cafeteria with Curriculum, Kelley Toon, Academic Nutritionist, GDOE

 Pipeline/ Teamwork - Rindy Trapnell, Director, Wayne County Schools

                                  Thank you to our 2017 Manager's Retreat sponsor:
                                  REINHART FOODSERVICE | VALDOSTA division

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