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2017 National School Lunch Week
October 9th -13th

Georgia Day Menu

Roasted Chicken Leg (w/District’s favorite sauce:  Thai Chili, BBQ, etc.)
Homemade or House Baked Whole Grain Roll
Local/GA Grown Veggie Dippers
Local/GA Grown Steamed Broccoli
North GA Apple Wedges
Frozen Peach Cups (USDA)
Cold Milk Choice

Tell Your School Lunch Story!

The #NSLW17 theme is “School Lunch: Recipes for Success”. Recipes for Success is designed to help tell your school lunch story, including the ‘secret ingredients’ to your success! We do fantastic things in Georgia from serving local favorites to finding new ways to “Shake It Up” when creating recipes and menus for our students.

Use this event to tell your school lunch story. Highlight the ingredients that make your school lunch menus special. Every tray is made possible with local food and farmers, salad bars, and behind-the-scenes teamwork.

School nutrition programs play a critical role in ensuring all students receive nutritious lunches which follow strict federal guidelines. Every school lunch contains fruits and vegetables, whole-grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy.  All these help feed students’ bodies and fuel their minds.

Highlight healthy, nutritious meals, as well as the efforts of the dedicated staff that serves them.  Invite your state and local legislators, parents, administrators, media, industry and community partners to participate in your National School Lunch Week events.  This week provides a great opportunity. Remind your community of the importance of a healthy school lunch in a child’s life.

You can find marketing materials, recipes and helpful tools from SNA at: https://schoolnutrition.org/Meetings/Events/NSLW/2017/GetStarted/

Emily Hanlin
GSNA Nutrition Standards Committee

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