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2017-2018 Platinum Sponsors


Kick Off Luncheon
September 21, 2017
Macon Centreplex

National School Lunch Week

October 9-13, 2017
“School Lunch: Recipes for Success”

October 11, 2017
Athens, GA

GSNA Manager's Retreat & Training
November 2-3, 2017
Okefenokee Swamp Park, Waycross, GA

GSNA Affiliation Deadline –
October 2, 2017 
The Affiliation deadline for this year is October 2, 2017 because the 1st falls on a Sunday. Please send your affiliation forms to the GSNA office no later than October 2nd if you are going to submit awards applications. The deadline for affiliation for House of Delegates voting for next year is December 1, 2017. Affiliation forms can be found in the 2017-2018 Handbook and on this link. All forms can be faxed or emailed to the GSNA office.
GSNA Seeking Leaders: Officer Nominations Open
It is time for GSNA to consider nominees for officer positions on the GSNA Executive Committee. This year we are seeking nominations for president-elect, treasurer and system level chair.
Please feel free to recommend fellow school nutrition members that you feel may be interested in being on the 2018-2019 ballot and love the honor of serving as a GSNA Officer.
Candidates must hold a SNA certificate or be credentialed (GSNA will determine eligibility before potential nominees are contacted). Please submit names no later than October 2, 2017. Click here for the 18-19 Nomination Form. 
T-shirts, Totes & Aprons!
The 2017-18 logo t-shirt is available for $15.00.
There are two colors:
Coral Silk (Small - 3XL)
Blue Sapphire (Small - 5XL)
Click here for an order form.

Lunch Lady Tote Bags
Tote bags are $15.00 per bag in the following color combinations:
Hot pink/lime green
Kelly green/pink
Custom bags are $20.00 per bag. Order Form

Aprons are $20.00 per apron. There are three colors:  Black, Blue and Red. Order Form

"Lunch Lady" T-shirts are $15.00. Order Form

SNA Certificate Fee Increase
Recently, the SNA Board of Directors approved a small increase in the fees for the SNA Certificate in School Nutrition, which will go into effect on October 1, 2017. This fee increase will allow SNA to continue to provide and sustain the Certificate Program, and help cover the general increased costs of doing business.

Fees for SNA members will increase as follows:
Certificate Initial Application
Level 1 - $17 (from $16)
Level 2- $22 (from $20)
Level 3 - $32 (from $30)
Certificate Renewal
Level 1 - $11 (from $10)
Level 2- $13 (from $11)
Level 3 - $15 (from $13)

For more information on obtaining a Certificate and the fee increase click here.
NSLW 2017 Tools & Resources
SNA’s free downloadable #NSLW17 tools are ready to be seasoned liberally with your own creative flair.
Download them today and build a celebration full of unique flavors. Remember, NSLW is scheduled for October 9-13, 2017. Read More  

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Kick Off Luncheon Seminar

Leadership Academy

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2018 Annual Conference

Conference Entertainment
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Director's Lounge
Friday Sponsor

Click here for information on how to become a GSNA sponsor.

Message from the President

A flat tire is NO fun! You are riding along everything is great and then…BLAM! The tire blows, the car begins to wobble, and it becomes difficult to steer. When you can finally come to rest, it is then you can access the problem and begin to make the repair needed to put you back on the road.

You know life is just like having a flat tire…Everything is going along great, no problems and your being productive. Then WHAM you take a hit, lose your grip and begin to slow down. Sometimes things may spin out of control, important decisions have to be made and what use to be normal is no longer normal.

None of us is immune to having flat tires in our life, but it is how we deal with these situations that can get us back up and running or leave us stuck on the side of the road. So what can you do to help ensure that you will have a quick fix and get back to your journey.

First, we can stay composed. Keeping an emotional check on yourself will allow you to react with confidence and clarity. Although we might work best in a pinch, good decisions are made during calm quiet moments.

Secondly, look for small victories. If I were changing a tire, I would be extremely proud of myself for finding the jack! Look for those little things that help you get back up and running, and celebrate. A quick little thank you prayer, a small note to someone or reaching around and patting yourself on the back are ways to acknowledge your accomplishments and will boost your self-confidence.

Lastly, always remember to “Make your word impeccable.” as we have learned from The Four Agreements by Ruiz. What you think in your mind and what you say aloud should always be as flawless as possible. Do not give in to negativity and always turn away from drama.

The tire is changed and you are back on the road. As you arrive at work or home, be sure to share your experience. What you learned with this minor setback may make all the difference in someone else’s flat tire.

I hope you

"Grow, Search, Nourish, Achieve…Let the Journey Begin”

Laura Lynn, President 2017-2018

NOURISH Project 2017
This year GSNA is asking our members to participate in a state wide community service project called “NOURISH” that will help feed the hungry in Georgia. We are asking that members host canned food drives throughout the year and donate to their local food banks and shelters.
We know the need is greater now more than ever with the devastating natural disasters that have happened recently. GSNA is holding a drive during the 2017 National School Lunch Week Kick Off Luncheon in Macon. We are asking that attendees bring up to 5 cans of food to be donated to the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank.
For every can food/dry good you donate, you will receive a ticket to be entered in a drawing during the GSNA 2017 Kick Off Luncheon.
Please remember to bring your canned goods to Macon! Your fellow Georgians are counting on your help!
 National School Lunch Week - October 9-13, 2017
Georgia Day Menu
Roasted Chicken Leg
(w/District’s favorite sauce: Thai Chili, BBQ, etc.)
Homemade or House Baked Whole Grain Roll
Local/GA Grown Veggie Dippers
Local/GA Grown Steamed Broccoli
North GA Apple Wedges
Frozen Peach Cups (USDA)
Cold Milk Choice
Click here for recipes
Tell Your School Lunch Story!

The #NSLW17 theme is “School Lunch: Recipes for Success”. Recipes for Success is designed to help tell your school lunch story, including the ‘secret ingredients’ to your success! We do fantastic things in Georgia from serving local favorites to finding new ways to “Shake It Up” when creating recipes and menus for our students.

Use this event to tell your school lunch story. Highlight the ingredients that make your school lunch menus special. Every tray is made possible with local food and farmers, salad bars, and behind-the-scenes teamwork.

School nutrition programs play a critical role in ensuring all students receive nutritious lunches which follow strict federal guidelines. Every school lunch contains fruits and vegetables, whole-grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy. All these help feed students’ bodies and fuel their minds.

Highlight healthy, nutritious meals, as well as the efforts of the dedicated staff that serves them. Invite your state and local legislators, parents, administrators, media, industry and community partners to participate in your National School Lunch Week events. This week provides a great opportunity. Remind your community of the importance of a healthy school lunch in a child’s life.

You can find marketing materials, recipes and helpful tools from SNA at: https://schoolnutrition.org/Meetings/Events/NSLW/2017/GetStarted/

Emily Hanlin
GSNA Nutrition Standards Committee

GSN Foundation Scholarship and Grant in Aid News

GSNA would like to announce NEW scholarship and grant in aid news!
We are adding a submission date for GSNA Members. Members can now submit their scholarship forms in December starting this year. Your winter deadline date will be December 15th. This applies to Members ONLY. Scholarships and Grant in Aid for children of members will still be March 1st.
Applications and requirements are available HERE.

Other Scholarship & Grant Opportunities – LAC in Washington D.C.!
In an ongoing effort to help its members develop professionally, the Georgia School Nutrition Foundation is offering a scholarship to attend SNA’s Legislative Action Conference (LAC) 2018.
There will be two scholarships available for first time attendees. The recipients of the scholarships will get funding up to $2,500 to cover registration, airfare, hotels, and meals for the National Legislative Action Conference in Washington, D.C. (March 4-6, 2018). The recipients will be responsible for making registration and travel arrangements. GSNA will reimburse all expenses up to $2,500 for each recipient. Click here for more information and an application. Deadline to apply is December 15th.

SNS Credential Exam Grant
GSN Foundation is also offering a $500 grant to cover expenses for a member that is sitting for the School Nutrition Specialist (SNS) Credentialing exam. If you are thinking of becoming SNS Credentialed apply for the funding to help with your expenses such as books, study guides, application fee, etc. Click here for the grant application. For more information about the SNS designation visit: https://schoolnutrition.org/Credentialing/

“The Road to Procurement”
October 10th - The Classic Center
Commodity Reprocessing On Parade (C.R.O.P.) Show
October 11th – The Classic Center- Athens 
The Georgia Department of Education School Nutrition Program and the Georgia School Nutrition Association invite you to join us for two great professional opportunities in Athens.

We are encouraging all school nutrition personnel to join GaDOE and GSNA on our journey to understanding procurement and the 2017 Commodity Reprocessing On Parade (C.R.O.P.) Show. This is an opportunity to get the latest information on procurement and bidding in Georgia and to view and sample the products offered by Georgia processors.

Representatives from School Nutrition and the Georgia State Department of School Nutrition will help you with the ins and outs of procurement and bidding in Georgia. This knowledge will help
GROW and NOURISH your understanding of the process.

The Procurement training session will be held Tuesday, October 10th at the Classic Center from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. in Grand Hall 7. The training session will be preceded by a Social Mixer at 1:00 PM. This will give you time to mix and mingle with other SN professionals and our Industry partners while previewing some new offerings from our vendors as well. We will have light refreshments and soft drinks available for this gathering.

The C.R.O.P. Show will be on Wednesday, October 11th at the Classic Center from 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. in Grand Hall 8. The C.R.O.P. Show provides SN professionals the opportunity to meet approved processing vendors, exchange ideas, and sample end products prepared from USDA commodities.

If you would like to attend this NO COST training and food show please fill out the registration form and send it back by September 27th.
School Nutrition Attendee Registration Form
Industry Member Procurement Training Registration Form

Have Questions on Procurement/Bidding?
Please submit your questions about procurement/bidding on this form or in the space provided on the registration form by Wednesday, September 27th. 
The SEARCH is over! We hope to give you all of the information and answers you need to ACHIEVE the best outcome for your business and school nutrition program.
  See GSNA's 2017 Award Winners on Facebook

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