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Are you interested in educating students about the importance of good nutrition and promoting your school foodservice program?

If so, starting a Student Advisory Group in your school is the way to go.

Organizing a Student Advisory Group in your school benefits both the students and your school nutrition program. This group serves as a link between students, school nutrition personnel, administrators and the community. Not only is the group a vehicle to spread the word about the important role good nutrition plays in students’ lives, but it provides important feedback from students on what they like – or don’t like – about their school foodservice program. By involving students through Student Advisory Groups you will reinforce the idea that school nutrition programs are for them.

Sample student advisory group activities might include:


  • Conducting nutrition fair 
  • Menu development 
  • Taste testing 
  • Wellness programs 
The following are just a few of the NAC projects conducted by GSNA Affiliated NAC Groups across the state.

To submit your project ideas please email: Daphne@georgiaschoolnutrition.com.


Project: NAC group created their own presentations using interesting facts to educate students about nutrition and good health. Their goal was to go into the classrooms and teach all 3rd grade students the importance of good nutrition. Students created presentations (powerpoints, skits, games or stories) on topics such as "Good Nutrition", "Building a Pyramid", "5 A Day", and "Food Guide Pyramid" and provided handouts about their subjects to the students.

Results: Presentations were made to about 160 students and the team was successful in reaching all the third grade students.

(East Laurens Elementary NAC, Laurens County)


Project: NAC worked to increase breakfast participation and improve academic and psycho social success by getting students, parents, and faculty to understand that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The NAC group planned, publicized menus emphasizing the importance of eating breakfast. They created bulletin boards, sponsored a "Why breakfast is good for you" poster contest, and created a commercial for their school's morning television which enabled them to each classroom with their message.

Results: Through their efforts of airing their commercial each morning, students taking home menus and flyers and inviting parents to come out and participate, the breakfast participation increased by 3%.

(Lake Park Elementary NAC, Dougherty County)


Project: NAC group conducted a "Hand Washing" class to instruct students on the proper way to wash their hands to cut down on the spread of germs. NAC group first learned of how to properly wash their hands then went into the classrooms to demonstrate to other students. Students also were given instructions that they could take home on how to wash your hands.

Results: Students gained information on proper hand washing that they can use the rest of their lives and help prevent the spread of germs and virus' such as H1N1.

(Bay Springs Middle NAC, Carroll County)



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