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Plans of Action (Scroll Forms)

GSNA  President's Handbook

Local Plan in type-able pdf file

District Plan in type-able pdf file

Culinary Arts Competition 

GSNA Categories for 2018-2019:

Mash up with Mushrooms - Breakfast or Lunch Entrée
Nutty with Peanuts - Really cracking them up - Breakfast or Lunch Entrée or Side
Let's Dip - Shaking it up with vegetable or fruit sauces/dips to help encourage fresh vegetable and fruit consumption.

Ins & Outs of the Culinary Competition
Culinary Entry Forms
Nutrient Analysis Tool
Local Culinary 2019 Certificate
District Culinary 2019 Certificate

State Culinary Awards
First Place - $250 monetary award and certificate
Second Place - $175 monetary award and certificate
Third Place - $100 monetary award and certificate
Attendees’ Favorite - $50 monetary award and certificate

Media Award

Media Award

Scholarship & Grant-in-Aid
Scholarships and Grants-in-Aid

Membership Awards

100 % Membership Individual School

100 % Membership School System

Participation Awards
3% Increase Breakfast

3% Increase Lunch

Consistently High Breakfast Participation

Consistently High Lunch Participation

Certification Awards
100% Individual Certification

100% System Wide Certification
Legislative Awards
Marie McGlaun ALIRT
NAC Awards
NAC of the Year

NAC Art Contest

Wellness Project Award
Individual Awards

Employee of the Year Award

Manager of the Year Award

Naomi Tolbert Central Office Support Award

Director of the Year

Josephine Martin Award of Excellence
Individual Awards
Ann C. Smith Hall of Fame Award

Beyond the Plate Award

Malcolm Quillen School Nutrition Hero Award

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