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We are excited to present this opportunity to our Georgia members who are preparing to sit for the SNA Credentialing Exam. 

 The SNS Credentialing study sessions will take place over a 12 week period, 1 – 2 hours a week via conference call, and facilitated by experienced GSNA credentialed members.

 Click here for information on SNS Credentialing and how to apply to take the exam.

Click here for our SNS Study Group Weekly Schedule.

SNS Study Group Session

Click on the session below to see handout/visuals for the session.

Any session with a symbol next to it indicates a recorded session.  To request audio of that session, please contact daphne@georgiaschoolnutrition.com.

Session #1 – Introduction and Pre-Test

Session #2 – Financial Management

Session #3 – Nutrition & Menu Management  

Session #4 - Technology 

Session #5 – Facilities, Technology, Equipment Management  

Session #6 – HR Management/Personnel and Staffing

Session #7 – Procurement and Inventory Management

Session #8 – Food Production and Operations Management

Session #9 –Food Security, Sanitation and Safety

Session #10 – Communication and Marketing

Session #11 – Resolving Financial Problems/ Review on Financial Management

Session #12 – Review and Post Test

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