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GSNA Culinary Arts Competition 

GSNA Categories for 2018-2019:

Mash up with Mushrooms - Breakfast or Lunch Entrée
Nutty with Peanuts - Really cracking them up - Breakfast or Lunch Entrée or Side
Let's Dip - Shaking it up with vegetable or fruit sauces/dips to help encourage fresh vegetable and fruit consumption.

Ins & Outs of the Culinary Competition
Culinary Entry Forms
Nutrient Analysis Tool
Standardized Recipe Form

Local Culinary 2019 Certificate
District Culinary 2019 Certificate

State Culinary Awards
First Place - $250 monetary award and certificate
Second Place - $175 monetary award and certificate
Third Place - $100 monetary award and certificate
Attendees’ Favorite - $50 monetary award and certificate

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