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Keys to Excellence – Now Open for Data Collection!

Keys to Excellence, SNA’s brand new online benchmarking tool, is up and running.

This tool provides an assessment of your program from every angle – operations, nutrition, administration, marketing,
and more.

To get started on your district’s personalized assessment*, visit

SNA "Smart Snack" Resources

GSNA Nutrition Report Cards  compare a school lunch with a lunch brought from home.  Share with your parents.

Looking for a fun and exciting Lesson Plan on MyPlate. Click here for details on a plan developed around the game  JEOPARDY.   

    School Nutrition Highlights

      2014 - 2015 Events
    2014-2015 Calendar of Events

    The Fall Scholarship and Grant in Aid Deadline is August 1, 2014.
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    GSNA Regional Training & Showcase
    September 13, 2014 at Jeff Davis High School Cafeteria

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    Membership & Certification Update
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    July 18, 2014 – In response to new federal school nutrition regulations, State School Superintendent Dr. John Barge and the State Board of Education today initiated the rulemaking process to amend the state board rule to comply with the federal Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act of 2010. Federal regulations require these new standards beginning July 1, 2014. The proposed amended rule will include provisions that require local school systems to have policies regarding the sale of competitive foods during school and school-related activities (fundraisers). The rule will also contain new definitions for “competitive foods”, school campus, and school day. 

    The initiated rule will allow schools to hold 30 fundraisers per school per school year that are food-related and that do not meet the nutrition standards established by federal law. The GaDOE will also develop a procedure for school districts to obtain a temporary exemption from the SBOE approved fundraiser limit (30) on a case-by-case basis. 

     If you would like to provide feedback, please send an email to policy@doe.k12.ga.us.

    July 1 is start date for Smart Snacks in School

    July 1 is start date for Smart Snacks in School rules Snacks sold in cafeterias, vending machines and elsewhere on school campuses -- as of July 1 -- must comply with the Smart Snacks in School rules, which effectively ban high-sugar, high-calorie junk food. Instead, snacks must be rich in whole grains, have fruit, vegetable, dairy or protein as their primary ingredients or meet other requirements. Drinks also will be limited to water, juice and unflavored milk. Click here for more information.

    Myth vs. Fact on Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act School Meals Implementation
    For more information on the HHFKA click here.

    Georgia SHAPE Announces School Funding Opportunity

    Click here to find out more about your opportunity to receive grant funding and technical assistance to test new strategies that support implementation of federal laws, including the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act requirements and to improve student fitness based on the results of the FITNESSGRAM© assessment.

    The 2014-15 "Georgia State of Mind" T-shirt is available for purchase.
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