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GSNA Industry Advisory Board - Questions and Answers

1. How can I become a member of the GSNA Industry Advisory Board?
Answer: IAB members are chosen by a majority vote of the GSNA Executive Board, generally at the April meeting of the Board. Each year, three new members are selected.
Nominations for IAB positions may come from any Executive Board member, especially the GSNA Exhibits Chairman. An interested Industry person may also send the forms (see below) directly to the GSNA office for presentation to the Executive Board.

2. How can I be nominated for consideration by the Executive Board?
Answer: Complete the "Interest in Serving" form and send the form to the GSNA office in Tucker, GA or to any GSNA Board member.

3. When should I begin the process of indicating my interest in serving on the IAB?
Answer: Interest forms must be received at least one week prior to the April Board meeting, and we would prefer to receive your forms prior to the January Board meeting.

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 Interest Form and Selection Criteria & Responsibilities
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