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January 2020 Executive Board Updates

The board clarified the requirements for the Industry Advisory Board Chairman position. Effective January 2020 the Industry Advisory Board Chair must be chosen from IAB members that have served at least one year of of their three year term on the Industry Advisory Board, or had previous experience on the IAB.

The board established the Industry Member of the Year Award to honor a GSNA Industry Member for outstanding service. This newly established award will first be awarded at the 2020 Annual Conference in Augusta. Nomination information will be sent to GSNA Executive Board, and Past Presidents soon.

New Industry Advisory Board Member
Emerald Wick of General Mills will fulfill the Industry Advisory Board position previously held by Brittney Connolly of General Mills. Emerald will serve the rest of Brittney’s term that ends in 2021.

Industry Seminar Appointments
The incoming GSNA President will appoint Industry Seminar Chair and Co-Chair.

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