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The GSNA “Recruit for Loot” campaign is a good way to help the association build a stronger membership foundation, as well as, give you the opportunity to win great LOOT!!
In order to claim your loot, simply recruit a new member, include your name on their membership application where it asks the question, “Who introduced you to GSNA/SNA?”
Your name will be entered into the “Recruit for Loot” drawing sponsored by GSNA.  You will receive one entry each time you recruit a new member. 
A drawing will be held at the State Conference for several valuable prizes.
The more members you recruit, the better your chances to win great loot.
What better way to help us “Grow Our Membership”   than by participating in the GSNA “Two for One” membership campaign.

Recruit for Loot Membership Campaign ends MARCH 1st.


With a “Two for One” membership, a new member can join with a current member or two new members can join together and pay 1/2 price on their state dues.
The two employees participating in the “Two for One” must join both GSNA and SNA in order to qualify. The discount only applies to the GSNA dues not the SNA dues, nor the $2.00 SNA processing fee. Both applications MUST be completely filled out and submitted together and marked “GA Two for One”.

Two for One Membership Campaign ends OCTOBER 31ST.


GSNA Membership Madness 5 -1 (for SDM members only)
The Membership Madness Campaign is for those systems/schools that participate in the School District Owned Membership. For every five new employees in the same Membership Category that a school/system signs up, GSNA and SNA will offer one free SDM membership in that same category.


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