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2020 Award Winners
This is just partial list of winners that had been determined at an earlier date. We will have judging of the following awards at a later date:  President’s Awards, Scrolls, Josephine Martin Award of Excellence, Naomi Tolbert Central Office Support Award, Malcolm Quillen School Nutrition Hero Award, Industry Member of Year Award, ALIRT Awards and NAC of the Year.

Employee of Year                                                                                                                                   
1st Place –Shirley Smith-Douglas County  
2nd Place –Bernice Trody-Ware County
3rd Place-Mae Beulah-Houston County    
Manager of Year
1st Place -Tory Grace-Brantley County      
2nd Place-Ruth Fewell-Butts County
3rd Place-Yvonne Jones-Muscogee County

Director of Year                                                                                                                        
Emily Hanlin-Cobb County

Back Yard BBQ

1st Place-Liliana Torres-Douglas County (District 7)-BBQ Flatbread Pizza
2nd Place-Kedojen Lucier -Butts County (District 6)-BBQ Chicken Pizza
3rd Place-Joseph Washington-Richmond County (District 10)-Cheesy BBQ Chicken

Breakfast Roll Out

1st Place-Nicki Roberson -Wayne County  (District 8)-Fruity Biscuits
2nd Place-Nadia Payne- Forsyth County- (District9)-Hot Cinnamon Apple Roll Ups
3rd Place-Amanda Owens-Thomas County (District2)-Strawberries and Cream Danish
3rd Place-Kathrina Love -Butts County (District6)-Pecan Rolls                         

1st Place-Adina Tyre-Wayne County (District 8)-Cracked Up Chicken & Tots              
2nd Place-Kimberly Illiano-Cherokee County (District 7)-Good Potatoes       
3rd Place-Sylvia   Bennett - Muscogee County (District 3)-Mashed Potato Casserole w/Sour Cream
Attendee Favorite -Lakesha  Johnson-Clayton County (District 6)-Mexican Style Twiced Baked Potato

Member Jane Lofton Scholarship
- $1000-Amber Martin, Butts County
Child of Member Jane Lofton Scholarship - $1000-Melissa Pearson (daughter of Martha Pearson), Lamar County

K- 5        Elizabeth Parks   Forsyth County/Haw Creek Elementary                   GSNA District 9
6- 8        Jose Funes           Rockdale County/General Ray Davis Middle           GSNA District 4
9-12       Pooja Patel         Cobb County/Kennesaw Mountain High                  GSNA District 7

Northern Region
Clifton Ridge Middle-Jones County            Isaiah Denis       
North Hall Middle-Hall County                    Kaleb Sexton      
Loganville Middle-Walton County              Anna Moore      
Southern Region
Merry Acres Middle-Dougherty County     Ky'Asia Brantley
Radium Springs Middle Magnet School for the Arts-Dougherty County         Madelin Vasquez             
Eighth Street Middle-Tift County Kate Schwalls    
A.R. Johnson Health Sciences & English Magnet School -Richmond County

2018-2019 Award Winners                          

President's Award
District  Eight - Samantha Thornton, President   
Local - Jones County - Connie Monaco, President

Director of Year               
Shelley Daniel, Thomaston Upson County           

Josephine Martin Award of Excellence
Samantha Thornton, Wayne County      

Beyond the Plate Award             
Annmarie Evans, Annette B. Hopgood/GaDOE Chapter 

Central Office Support
Donald  Harper, Cobb County    

Manager of Year
1st Place - Angela Sharp, Columbia County           
2nd Place - Dana Willson, Coffee County
3rd Place - Pam Stone, Gwinnett County               

Employee of Year
1st Place - Carol Winters, Treutlen County
2nd Place - Ana Rivera, Wayne County    

Malcolm Quillen Nutrition Hero
Curtis Hillmon, Wayne County   

Culinary Contest
1st Culinary: Mash Up with Mushrooms  Jasmine Taylor, Dougherty County
2nd Culinary: Mash Up with Mushrooms Alicia Casteel, Muscogee County             
3rd Culinary: Mash Up with Mushrooms Montakarn Mills, Glynn County                

1st Culinary: Let's Dip       Charlotte Parks, Barrow County               
2nd Culinary: Let's Dip      Shameka McCray, Thomas County          
3rd Culinary: Let's Dip      Rainey Desnoyer, Thomaston Upson County     

1st Culinary: Nutty with Peanuts                Sharon Patterson, Richmond County     
2nd Culinary: Nutty with Peanuts               Tonya Vincent, Barrow County 
3rd Culinary: Nutty with Peanuts                Cynthia Anderson, Dougherty County   

Attendee Favorite:  RaineyDesnoyer,Thomaston Upson County                                                               

ALIRT Award      National:  District 3- Larry Jackson, PPL Chair and James Bryant, District President                                             
ALIRT Award      National: Houston County - Tessany Lockhart, PPL Chair and Vickie Purvis, President
ALIRT Award      State: District 3 - Larry Jackson, PPL Chair and James Bryant, District President                                    
ALIRT Award      State: Houston County - Tessany Lockhart, PPL Chair and Vickie Purvis, President
Wellness Award             
Fulton County Schools - Denielle Saitta, Area Coordinator

NAC of the Year Award
1st Place - NAC of Year    East Jackson Elementary NAC -Jackson County
2nd Place -  NAC of Year  Baker Place Elementary NAC - Columbia County
3rd Place - NAC of Year   Silver City Elementary NAC -Forsyth County                

NAC Art Contest                                                              
NAC Art Contest: 6-8      Miah Cruz Razo-Forsyth County - Pine Grove Middle      
NAC Art Contest: 9-12    Emma Keisler-Jackson County-Jackson Comprehensive High      
NAC Art Contest: K-5      Elizabeth Park -Forsyth County-Haw Creek Elementary 

1              District One        Alecia "Red" Barrett        Gold
2              District Two        Becky Carroll                      Gold     
3              District Three     James "Bear" Bryant       Gold     
4              District Four        Ann Hamner                      Gold     
5              District Five         Lavonia Manns                  Gold     
6              District Six           Nakeitha Carter                                Gold     
7              District Seven    Malynda Wehunt             Gold     
8              District Eight       Samantha Thornton        Gold     
9              District Nine       Tonya Lummus                 Gold     
10           District Ten         Scott Richardson              Gold     



1              Treutlen County Alecia "Red" Barrett      Gold     
2              Dougherty County Theresa Tomblin        Gold     
2              Grady County Becky Carroll                         Gold     
2              Thomas County                C.J. Wood                            Silver    
2              Tift County Ashley McMillan                       Gold     
3              Harris County Shantal Strozier                    Gold     
3              Houston County  Vicki Purvis                      Gold     
3              Muscogee County                                           Gold     
3              Sumter County Larry Jackson                     Gold     
4              ABH/GaDoe Ramona Stevens                    Gold     
4              Gwinnett County Pam Stone                      Gold     
4              Rockdale County Lisa Dailey                        Gold     
5              Atlanta Public Schools Lavonia Manns     Gold     
6              Bibb County Mike Kane                                 Gold     
6              Butts County Amber Martin                        Gold     
6              Carroll County Shelley Kegley                     Gold     
6              Carrollton City Jill Horsley                             Gold     
6              Clayton County Cappericcia Watson        Gold     
6              Griffin Spalding County Angela Giddings               Gold     
6              Henry County Tina Moore                            Gold     
6              Jones County Connie Monaco                    Gold     
6              Lamar "Flour Power" Wendy Varner       Bronze 
6              Thomaston Upson County Sherry Maddox           Silver    
7              Cherokee County Patricia McClellan        Gold     
7              Cobb County Lori MacDonald                     Gold     
7              Douglas County                Jennifer Dickie                  Gold     
7              Fulton County Eric Woodsen                       Gold     
7              Paulding County Angelia Pace                    Silver    
8              Bacon County Linda Wright                          Gold     
8              Brantley County Tory Grace                        Gold
8              Coffee County Missy Williams                    Gold     
8              Glynn County Patti LaNeve                          Silver    
8              Jeff Davis County Linda Alligood                                Gold     
8              Pierce County Deanna Lewis                       Gold     
8              Ware County Tonya Merritt                        Gold     
8              Wayne County Adina Tyre                           Gold     
9              Barrow County                                                  Silver    
9              Forsyth County Deanna Starling                                Gold
9              Hall County Ashly Huss                                  Gold
9              Jackson County Katherine White               Gold     
10           Columbia County Jeanette Newman       Gold     
10           Warren County Geraldine Berry                                Gold     



Let’s Move Essay Contest
1st Place - Let's Move Essay - Northern Region    Charlie  Wheeler-Jackson County (East Jackson Middle)
2nd Place - Let's Move Essay - Northern Region   Simrah  Agrawal - Cobb County (Dickerson Middle)         
3rd Place- Let's Move Essay - Northern Region    Nathan Holland - Walton County (Loganville Middle)      
1st Place - Let's Move Essay - Southern Region    Ashlynne Corbin - Bleckley County (Bleckley County Middle)      
2nd Place- Let's Move Essay - Southern Region    Emily Arnold -Bleckley County (Bleckley County Middle)               
3rd Place - Let's Move Essay - Southern Region   Joshua Weldon-Crisp County (Crisp County Middle)

Recruit for Loot
Dawn Lewis, Glynn County
Linda Holland, Polk County

2020 Conference Registration
Paula Baker, Glynn County
Exhibit Booth Design Winners
Large Booth
1st Place – The Hansen Group
2nd Place Integrity Foods
3rd Place – Cohen Food Brokerage
Small Booth
1st Place – Manning Brothers
2nd Place – Premiere Equipment Group
3rd Place – Plain Stated, LLC

Movin’ & Shakin’ Tailgate Prize Winners
Monique Sanders – Wayne County
Sandra Chancellor – Crawford County
Brenda Sumner – Irwin County


2018 Awards Winners


President’s Awards6th District – Shelley Daniel, President
Jones County – President

Dr. Josephine Martin Award of Excellence
Teresa Stevenson , GaDOE School Nutrition Program

Director of the Year
Rindy Trapnell, Wayne County

Manager of the Year/Lucille T. Watson Award
1st Place –LarryJackson, Sumter County (SNA Southeast Regional Award Winner)
2nd Place - VickiPurvis, Houston County
3rd Place - Adinayre, Wayne County

Employee of the Year/Golden Leaf Award
1st Place –DebraFlynt, Glynn County (SNA Southeast Regional Award Winner)
2nd Place – Betty Dean, Houston County
3rd Place – Gloria Spellman, Wayne County

Naomi Tolbert Central Office Support Award
Nakeithia McKinney-Carter, Griffin Spalding County

Beyond the Plate
Carol Griffin, Barrow County

Malcolm Quillen School Nutrition Hero Award
Connie Monaco, Jones County

Culinary Arts Awards
Breakfast Flatbread

1st Place –Chastity Hurst, Butts County
2nd Place - Sherry Bailey, Ware County
3rd Place - Carl Sandberg, Gwinnett County

Cobbler, Crunch or Crisp
1st Place –Cheryl Stringfellow, Muscogee County
2nd Place – Gloria Spellman, Wayne County
3rd Place – Cynthia Walker, Richmond County


Lunch in a Cup
1st Place –Ashley Barron, Paulding County
1st Place –Ann Marie Wright, Gwinnett County
2nd Place – Donna Clarke, Muscogee County
3rd Place – Jasmine Taylor, Dougherty County Culinary Attendee FavoritePasta Shake-Up dish - BarbaraHawkins, Bulloch County

Scroll Awards

1 District OneRonnie KellamSILVER

1Bulloch CountyBecky ConeBRONZE

1Treutlen CountyRed BarrettSILVER

2 District TwoBradley PattersonSILVER

2Dougherty CountyMary KohnGOLD

2Grady CountyRebecca CarrollBRONZE

2Thomas CountyCindy ThompsonRECOGNITION

2Tift CountyAshley McMillanGOLD

3 District ThreeSusan FunderburkGOLD

3Harris CountyJanet HowellBRONZE

3Houston CountyDarlene FloydGOLD

3Muscogee CountyStephanie RobinsonRECOGNITION

3Sumter CountyLarry J. JacksonRECOGNITION

4Annette Bomar Hopgood ChapterMary RamsaierGOLD

4 District FourAnn HamnerGOLD

4Gwinnett CountyCarl SandbergSILVER

4Newton CountyMary Key              RISING STAR

4Rockdale CountyMichele ChannellGOLD

5Atlanta Public SchoolsLavonia MannsBRONZE

5 District FiveLavonia MannsSILVER

6Butts CountyAmber CromerGOLD

6Carroll CountyRobin CookGOLD

6Carrollton CitySherry LaneGOLD

6Clayton CountyBathsheba DuncanSILVER

6Coweta CountyKeshia WilliamsBRONZE

6Crawford CountyBeverly WagnerBRONZE

6 District SixShelley DanielGOLD

6Fayette CountyVickie LindstromSILVER

6Griffin Spalding CountyReba EllisGOLD

6Henry CountyTina MooreSILVER

6Jones CountyPatricia WindhamGOLD

6Thomaston Upson CountySherry MaddoxGOLD

7Cherokee CountyLeslie SkopikGOLD

7Cobb CountyHeather BroadawayBRONZE

7 District SevenKathleen AlbertsonBRONZE

7Douglas CountyTeresa WoljevachSILVER

7Fulton CountyKatrina SalaamBRONZE

7Haralson CountyPam GarrettRECOGNITION

7Paulding CountyAngelia PaceSILVER

8Bacon CountyRobert AspinwallGOLD

8Brantley CountyTory GraceGOLD

8Coffee CountyMissy WilliamsGOLD

8 District EightLinda WrightGOLD

8Glynn CountyPatti LaNeveSILVER

8Jeff Davis CountyMargaret RentzGOLD

8Lowndes CountyDare HowzeBRONZE

8Pierce CountyJane BarrettBRONZE

8Valdosta CityAlex MizellSILVER

8Ware CountyBrenda ThomasSILVER

8Wayne CountyAdina TyreGOLD

9Barrow CountyNicole TrunkSILVER

9 District NineDee MathisGOLD

9Forsyth CountyLisa HasseSILVER

9Hall CountyBecky MartinBRONZE

9Jackson CountyDan MorrisGOLD

10Columbia CountyMichelle MillerGOLD

10 District TenAshley WhitenerGOLD

10Richmond CountyDarlene DickersonGOLD

National:District Three
National: Houston County
State: District 3
State: Houston County

Wellness Award
Jackson County – Dr. Debra Morris, Director

NAC of the Year
East Jackson Elementary NAC , Jackson County – Dan Morris, Advisor

NAC Art Awards
Grades K-5Elizabeth Park,Forsyth County - Haw Creek Elementary
Grades 6-8Ruby Harris, Rockdale County- General Ray Davis Middle
Grades 9-12Emma Keisler, Jackson County - Jackson Comprehensive High

Let's Move Essay Winners
1st Place - JessieRogers, Loganville Middle - Walton County
2nd Place –Jessica Yang, Arnall Middle - Coweta County
3rd Place - Tristan Lockhart, Carrollton Jr. High - Carrollton City

Exhibits: Best Booth Winners

1st Place - Integrity Foods
2nd Place –PMR
3rd Place - Treehouse


2017 GSNA Awards Winners


2017 President’s Award
President’s Award District Chapter -  District Eight – Shelia Cooper, President       
President’s Award Local Chapter – Glynn County – Patti LaNeve, President      

Josephine Martin Award of Excellence
Shelia Cooper, Coffee County




Director of the Year (SNA Southeast Regional Winner)
Dr. Cleta Long, Bibb County

Manager of the Year Award
First Place – Tamecka Crawford - Richmond County

Second Place - Jill Horsley - Carrollton City
Third Place- Cynthia Keanon - Coffee County

Employee of the Year  
First Place – Poilette Colbourne - Rockdale County
Second Place - Lisa Holle - Houston County                 
Third Place - Terri Grice - Carrollton City

Naomi Tolbert Central Office Support Award
First Place -Alison Strait - Pierce County

Second Place - Michele Jones – GaDoe School Nutrition Program
Third Place - Paula Hilton - Cherokee County

Malcolm Quillen Nutrition Hero
Gina McDaniel- Orrs Elementary – Griffin-Spalding County

Lifetime Membership
Dr. Cleta Long
Marion Tharpe

Honorary Membership
Bobby Sharp, Dalton

Ann C. Smith
Deborah Bennett, Houston County

2017 Scroll Awards

 Chapter Scroll Award  President

District Two


Juanita Floyd

Grady County


Rebecca Carroll

Tift County


Diane Mincey

Thomas County


Marie Johnson

District Three


Larry Jackson

Houston County


Darlene Floyd

Muscogee County


Susan Funderburk

District Four


Theresa Latta

Annette Bomar Hopgood Chapter


Barbara Thomas

Gwinnett County


Dee Baum

Rockdale County


Joyce Thomas

Atlanta City


Latonia Arnold

District Six


Donna Folds

Butts County


Ruth Fewell

Carroll County


Carole Call-Walker

Carrollton City


Christa Simpson

Clayton County


Tara Robinson

Fayette County


Robin Phillips

Griffin Spalding County


Nakeitha Carter

Meriwether County


Michelle Brown

Thomaston/Upson County


Sherry Maddox

District Seven


Kathy Brown

Cherokee County


Malynda Wehunt

Cobb County


Lecia Hobbs

Douglas County


Sheila Garmon

Haralson County


Keshia Williams

District Eight

GOLD (President's Award)

Sheila Cooper

Bacon County


Linda Wright

Brantley County


Stephanie Dunsmore

Coffee County


Dana Willson

Glynn County

SILVER  (President's Award)

Patti LaNeve

Jeff Davis County


Deborah Davis

Pierce County


Suzanne Clark

Valdosta City


Tammy Russell

Ware County


Donna Raye Oglesby

District Nine


Emily House

Barrow County


Nicole Trunk

Forsyth County


Dee Mathis

Gainesville City


Teresa Wiley

Hall County


Sandy Entrekin

Jackson County


Juanisha Stockton

District Ten


Ashley Whitener

Columbia County


Rita McDonald

Richmond County


Tamecka Crawford


2017 Culinary Arts Awards
New Unique Lunch Entrée
First Place – Tammy Rozier, Butts County                      
Second Place – Michelle Novitch, Marietta City
Third Place – Gunnika Rivera, Muscogee County

Creative Breakfast Bread Grain Entrée
First Place –Teresa Longo, Rockdale County            
Second Place – Vicki Underwood, Treutlen County
Third Place – Alisha Lane, Brantley County                          

Creative Fruit Dessert
First Place – Myra Akridge, Grady County
Second Place – Norma Kendrick, Carrollton City
Third Place – Diane Winstead, Richmond County

Georgia Peanut Commission Culinary Competition Peanut Breakfast
First Place – Marie May, Lowndes County     
Second Place – Nicole Payne, Gwinnett County
Third Place – Dinah Collins, Grady County

Georgia Peanut Commission Culinary Competition Peanut Lunch/Dessert
First Place – Cheryl Mason, Grady County
Second Place - Dare Howze, Lowndes, County 
Third Place – Julia Thomas, Douglas County

Georgia Peanut Commission Culinary Competition Peanut Snack
First Place – Ginger Farmer, Tift County
Second Place – Carol Winters, Treutlen County
Third Place – Deborah Watford, Lowndes County

Georgia Peanut Commission Peanut Usage
Treutlen County

Marie McGlaun ALIRT Award
First Place National Contacts for District

District Three – Larry Jackson, President and James Bryant, PPL Chair
First Place State Contacts for District Chapter
District Four - Garry Davis, PPL Chair, and Theresa Latta, President
First Place National Contacts for Local Chapter
Houston County - James Bryant, PPL Chair and Darlene Floyd, President
First Place State Contacts for Local Chapter
Rockdale County -Judy Compton, PPL Chair, and  Joyce Thomas, President

NAC Art Contest
First Place K-5 Category
Dorothy Rose Dossett - Settle Bridge Elementary, Forsyth County

First Place 6-8 Category

Emma Arnold -General Ray Davis Middle, Rockdale County

First Place 9-12 Category
Amberlee Vang-Apalachee High School, Barrow County

NAC of Year
First Place - Baker Place Elementary - Columbia County – Rita McDonald, Advisor
Second Place – Griffin Spalding High School NAC – NaKethia Carter, Advisor                          
Third Place – Dimon Elementary NAC – Muscogee County – Susan Funderburk, Advisor           

Wellness Award
Paulding County School Nutrition             

Best Chapter Participation Award
Jeff Davis County School Nutrition

Scholarships Members
Frances Coleman Griffin:  Keshia Williams, Haralson County

Brenda Enyart, Paulding County

Scholarships Children of Members
Anna Dilcher
Vanae Hatcher
Gabriella Frances Ramsaier
Maria Ramsaier

Exhibit Booth Awards
Large Booths

1st – Integrity
2nd – Advantage Waypoint
3rd – Acosta

Small Booths
1st  - Accutemp
2nd – Mayfield
3rd  -  David’s Cookies

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