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GSNA 2020 Leadership Training Cancellation
June 11-12, 2020
Warner Robins


Dear Legends,

I am truly honored to be serving in the trenches and on the frontlines with you as your 2020-2021 GSNA President. I do believe everything we are experiencing at this moment is a distraction for the greater coming.

Last year when I was writing out my vision for the 2020-2021 year, my main platform was to remember, honor and celebrate the history and legacy of our school nutrition program through building on our brand as one cohesive unit. The goal was to introduce various marketing strategies to help tell our stories. Well, fast-forward to the present something has happened over the last few months that we had not prepared nor planned for. Our stories are being told across the world! We are making a difference. The world now sees us. All across the country, in every city, we are on the frontlines with boots on the ground making miracles! We are re-writing history and changing the world, one child, one act, one voice, one plate at a time! 

This pandemic has given us a valuable opportunity to shine in the eyes of those who deemed us invisible. For those of you in the trenches who feel you are doing nothing out of the ordinary short of serving in the capacity you faithfully serve on a regular  with excellence, quality, compassion and the love you give consistently, just know your communities are overwhelmed with sincere gratitude and each of you are the best representation of our programs story. Our communities and the world are now a part of our story realizing what we have already known, that “Child Nutrition Programs are a part of national security.”

I would be remiss if I did not recognize that this has been a collective effort across our state, with the help of our industry, distributors, farmers, USDA, GaDoe, BOE, school administrators, staff and our communities, collectively fighting this fight. Together we are the voices of the future!

The year we had planned for you was powerful, exciting, energetic and memorable! Given these unprecedented times we are experiencing and the many changes of this global public health crisis, many of us to include our association is faced with having to be creative and more tech savvy than ever, of how we have meetings, training and basic communication. With that said, due to social distancing guidelines and venue closures, I am saddened to say our GSNA Leadership “Boot Camp” Training scheduled for June 11-12, 2020 has been canceled. All upcoming scheduled calendar dates for 2020-2021 are tentative now but we will continue to update you as the year progresses. In the meantime, we will also update you on various upcoming web or virtual trainings.

 The dynamics of how we may start this year may have changed, but we will still offer you the dynamic year we had planned! I shared with some of you that this was going to be an explosive year! Well by golly, it has started off with a bang! I am hopeful 2020 will prove to be one of the best years yet for the future of school nutrition!

 Our School Nutrition Legacy is Georgia Grown! I am proud to be among you! The world is now listening we must use our voices wisely. We need each of you more now than ever in our associations to form a united front to continue advocating for our children and the livelihood of our school nutrition programs. The war on child hunger is exposed. We must grasp hold of this opportunity to tell our stories in an effort to continue building a collective brand as one unit, one voice.

I will leave you with our GSNA Creed as a source of encouragement. Learn it! Live it! Breathe it!

                                    Georgia School Nutrition Creed

                    I am a School Nutrition Professional.

                       Child nutrition is my business.

                       My duty is to serve. Protect.

                         Be a voice for those I serve.


                    I am a School Nutrition Professional.

                     A child’s nutritional health is my mission.

                    Their well-being is a matter of national security.

                           I will advocate at all costs.


                    I am a School Nutrition Professional.

                    I walk in the footsteps of pioneers before me.

                    I will carry out GSNA’s vision for feeding children.

                    I will grow future leaders of tomorrow.


                    I am a School Nutrition Professional.

                    I will protect the integrity of our program.

                    I will serve in excellence. Quality. Pride.


                    I am a School Nutrition Professional.

                    My purpose is to change the world!

             One child. One act. One voice. One plate at a time!


                    I am a School Nutrition Professional.

                           Voice. Leader. Legacy.

                    And I do more than just serve meals!


School Nutrition Legacy is Georgia Grown!

Tessany Lockhart
GSNA President 2020-2021




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