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A Legacy of Legislation
GSNA VIRTUAL Legislative Advocacy Conference
March 17, 2021

School Nutrition District Registration Excel Sheet

Join GSNA for the VIRTUAL 2021 Legislative Advocacy Conference (GALAC) “A Legacy of Legislation”.

We invite you to join us as we advocate for Georgia's children about the essential need and value of Georgia School Nutrition Programs.

We are counting on you to help us spread the word about the crucial need for school meals to Georgia legislators. Our current times makes school nutrition more valued than ever.

Our voices NEED to be heard so that we can fill the gap in our communities and continue to “Build Healthy Children, Ready to Learn”.
 2021 Virtual GALAC Tentative Agenda
1:00PM           Welcome/Opening Remarks

1:10PM           Agenda Overview & Speaker Introduction

1:15PM           State of the 2021 Budget & 2022 Budget Outlook
                         Senator Blake Tillery, Appropriations Chairman

1:45PM           Agriculture, School Nutrition & the Importance of a Solid Partnership
                         Representative Robert Dickey, Agriculture Secretary

2:15PM           Break

2:30PM           Industry and School Nutrition State of our Industry Partnership
                        Joel Teachworth, Industry Chairman

3:00PM          State of the State Education & The Importance of School Nutrition
                        Richard Woods, Superintendent of Schools

3:30PM          2021 Position Paper Review

4:00PM          “Charge to the Hill” Challenge

4:15PM          Adjourn 



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