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August 2019 Newsletter:  Welcome Back!

Message from the President 

Meetings & Events Calendar


Hello and welcome to the start of another amazing school year!

As we reflect on the exciting events that took place this summer, it is also time to look forward to the wonderful things that are yet to come for SY19-SY20.

First and foremost, I would like each member to know how valuable you are to our organization. Your hard work and dedication to our mission of alleviating childhood hunger does not go unnoticed and is the foundation of what makes our organization a success.

During our exciting Leadership Training event in June, presenters did an outstanding job putting this year’s theme in action.  We also met with the industry advisory board which is made up of food service professionals that are committed, dedicated, and forward thinking. We as an association want you to have the tools and resources you need to achieve greatness. I am confident that with the help of our phenomenal executive board and GSNA headquarters team assistance, support, and guidance, we will all come together to make this a standout year for our association.

As we learned during our SNA ANC in July, this is an exciting time for School Nutrition, so I’d like to take a moment to remind you all of this year’s goal: 'Bridging the Gap' between our members and communities. I encourage you all to do so by increasing your Advocacy and Community outreach efforts, furthering your Education, enhancing our Public Image, and helping to grow our Membership throughout the year.

Remember that no matter which route you choose to take along the way, all roads will lead you down the path to achieving our ultimate goal of building healthy children ready to learn.

Finally, I would like to invite you all to join us at our Kick-Off Luncheon on September 19th in Macon, GA for a celebration of comradery that is designed to refuel your knowledge and inspire new ideas. Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication and best wishes towards the start of another great school year! 

GSNA President 2019-2020

 Bridge the Gap Service Projects


Don’t forget to get started on your “Bridge the Gap” service projects for the 2019-2020 School Year.
One of GSNA’s strategic goals for this year is to have 6500 pounds of donated food items, 650 back packs and/or disposable diapers provided for needy families through DFACS, shelters, or other local outlets. Get started early on your projects so that GSNA can meet our goals!

 2019-2020 T-shirt


We now have the 2019-2020 T-shirt available for purchase in various colors. The "Bridging the Gap" T-shirt is $15.00 for Small - 5XL. Click here for an order form.

 GSNA Media Award


It’s time to recognize the wonderful support given to School Nutrition programs by social media, print, radio and television media sources, school system Public Relations staff, and others.

The deadline to submit your Media Award nomination is August 31. (Must be IN our office by August 31st)  

We couldn’t tell the story of how children are learning healthy eating habits by eating school lunch and breakfast, or how schools are offering healthy choices, fresh fruits, and whole grain breads without our friends in the media.
Please nominate your media partners TODAY! 2019 Media Award


GSNA Is Seeking Leaders:  Officer Nominations Open


It is time for GSNA to consider nominees for officer positions on the GSNA Executive Committee. This year we are seeking nominations for president-elect, treasurer and system level chair.

Please feel free to recommend fellow school nutrition members that you feel may be interested in being on the 2020 ballot and love the honor of serving as a GSNA Officer.

Candidates must hold a SNA certificate or be credentialed (GSNA will determine eligibility before potential nominees are contacted).  Please submit names by September 30, 2019. Click here for the Nomination Form.


GSNA Affiliation


The Affiliation deadline for this year is October 1, 2019. Please send your affiliation forms to the GSNA office no later than October 1, 2019 if you are going to submit awards applications. The deadline for affiliation for House of Delegates voting for next year is December 2, 2019. Affiliation forms can be found here: http://www.georgiaschoolnutrition.com/Portals/43/docs/GSNA_Affiliation/AffiliationForm.pdf. All forms can be faxed (770-934-8917) or emailed to the GSNA office.


School Nutrition Training Available


SNA is excited to officially launch the new Training Zone, an eLearning hub within the Learning Center where school nutrition professionals can regularly access new learning resources and opportunities to both grow their careers and earn CEUs towards SNA’s Certificate Program, SNS credential renewal and USDA Professional Standards.

The Training Zone offers 55 on-demand webinars, two self-paced eLearning modules, and one train-the-trainer module. New Webinar Wednesdays and eLearning modules are in development and will be released throughout the coming year. 

 The Training Zone also features “one-click” webinar registration and the ability to track your online learning and print your CEU Certificates or come back later and print them at any time. It’s easily accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device! Download the “How To User Guide” for more information.

 2019 NSLW Kick Off Luncheon Celebration
September 19th - Macon Centreplex

Click here to register.



GSNA is ready to kick off the celebration of National School Lunch week 2019 with School Nutrition professionals from all over the state! Plan YOUR playlist as you road trip to Macon to celebrate the media professionals that help you share your school nutrition stories and recognize some talented young chefs that are on the path to becoming the future of school nutrition in Georgia.

Our informative training sessions will be your soundtrack as you “Bridge the Gap” during the 2019-2020 school year.

Educational Sessions - 8:30 - 11:00 AM 
• School Level Education Seminar Exhibit Hall B

(Managers, Assistant Managers, Cashiers, Food Assistants)
Shift Your Gears/ Fill Your GaDOE Roadside Toolkit– GaDOE SNP has all the tools you need to help you on your school nutrition road trip. Find how who to call to get your tune up! 
Social Media – Promote your program by using social media with confidence.
• “Red Table Talk” - System Level Educational Seminar Room 306 (upstairs)
(Director, Supervisors, Coordinators, Central Office Staff, State Department Staff)
An interactive table discussion led by GSNA System Level Chair Dr. Debra Morris. Topics to include plate waste and procurement. Click here to register.



National School Lunch Week - October 14-18, 2019


National School Lunch Week (NSLW) is a great opportunity to bring new excitement and increase participation in your School Nutrition Program. The 2019 theme is "SchoolLunch: What's on Your Playlist" which spotlights how your program is serving up Quality Meals that kids want to eat, with increased choices and customization. Music has universal appeal and the theme spotlights the wide variety of flavors, dishes, delivery options and tastes of today's school lunch.

The goals of NSLW are to promote healthy menus and increase school lunch participation; raise awareness with parents, administrators, and media about the importance of school meals and the role played by school nutrition professionals; and expand the market—online and off—with campaign-themed social media tools and marketing materials.

Resources can be found online at https://schoolnutrition.org/meetings/events/nslw/2019/.  Share what's on your School Lunch Playlist on social media #NSLW19, #GSNABridgingTheGap, #FuelingGA, #ShakeItUpGA! 

 SNA Membership Processing Fee and
Certificate Fee Changes

For the 2019-2020-year, SNA’s Board of Directors has approved small increases to the membership processing fee and the Certificate program fees. As of October 1, the membership processing fee will be increased to $2.50, reflecting the ongoing costs of doing business.
New pricing for the Certificate program will also take effect on October 1, 2019. The changes impact new Certificate applications, renewals and reinstatements. Click here for full details and more information. If you have questions, please contact SNA at certSNS@schoolnutrition.org.


 GSNA 2019-2020 Membership Campaigns

The GSNA “Recruit for Loot” campaign is a good way to help the association build a stronger membership foundation, as well as, give you the opportunity to win great LOOT!!
In order to claim your loot, simply recruit a new member, include your name on their membership application where it asks the question, “Who introduced you to GSNA/SNA?”
Your name will be entered into the “Recruit for Loot” drawing sponsored by GSNA. You will receive one entry each time you recruit a new member.
A drawing will be held at the 2020 State Conference for several valuable prizes.
The more members you recruit, the better your chances to win great loot.
What better way to help us “Bridge the Gap” than by participating in the GSNA “Two for One” membership campaign. Recruit for Loot runs through March 1, 2020.
With a “Two for One” membership, a new member can join with a current member or two new members can join together and pay 1/2 price on their state dues.
The two employees participating in the “Two for One” must join both GSNA and SNA in order to qualify. The discount only applies to the GSNA dues not the SNA dues, nor the SNA processing fee. Both applications MUST be completely filled out and submitted together and marked “GA Two for One”. Two for One Membership ends on October 31, 2019.

GSNA Garden Grants Available

Don't forget to apply for the GSNA Garden grant. GSNA has four $500 grants available for  schools to use to help maintain your gardens.
For more information and an application CLICK HERE. 
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