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March 2019 Newsletter

"What Does Passion Look Like?"

Dear Miracle Makers,

As I write to you, today I am amazed at how fast this year has gone and the true impact this year has had on my life both personally and professionally. I have been so blessed to have made many new friends and had experiences that will forever change my view of our wonderful profession. I have traveled around this year and seen the true meaning of service in professionals that love their jobs and students more than anyone could ever imagine. It has been my honor to be your president this year and to serve with my Miracle Makers. Professionals with a passion, love and dedication to the mission of feeding children. You truly do hold the future in your hands.

What does passion look like? Passion is defined as a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. The passion that I have seen in the eyes of our members over the past year is something that will forever be in my memories. The excitement that was in their voices as they described their programs will ring forever as a testament to the true legacy of school nutrition. With their smiles lighting up the room as they described that one child that came through each day with a hug that could melt any heart. Miracle makers you are a true picture of passion in all you do for the students of Georgia each day.

What does love really look like? A true picture of love is the floor full of Thanksgiving Baskets for families with no means to have a family Thanksgiving Dinner. Love is staff that make the least give the most to fill up a whole table with food for students that have nothing to eat on the weekends and school breaks. Love is noticing that student with no coat on a cold morning and making sure, he has one the next time the weather turns chilly. Love is making sure that a Christmas blessing is there for all that need it. Miracle makers you are a reflection of love each day as you serve your students.

Therefore, Miracle Makers, thank you for showing me the true meaning of passion and love this year. I will forever strive to reflect those traits in my own life. School Nutrition staff are truly Miracle Makers in their schools and communities.

Ready, Set, Go!

Nicole James, 2018-2019 President


2019 Annual Conference
April 11-13, 2019
Athens, GA

Get ready to “Move & Shake” in Athens!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year….GSNA annual conference!

The 2019 Annual Conference will inspire, inform, and be a celebration of the outstanding accomplishments of our members who went above and beyond to be “Service Minded” and “Hunger Focused” in their schools and communities this year.

We will recognize school nutrition excellence and honor those that took our “serviced minded and hunger focused” mission to heart this year. Don’t miss the informative and timely educations sessions and the chance to explore the exhibit hall for the products and services that will enhance your nutrition program. Click here for more information.


Any local chapter or system that wishes to donate toward this event may do so using the form linked here.

If you will be attending Conference, we hope you will drop by and help us in celebrating Nancy's many years of service and dedication to the Association and School Nutrition.



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