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September 2019 Newsletter:  Community Connections

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Message from the President 

Meetings & Events Calendar


Last month was an amazing start to our school year, which has me feeling very energized and excited for what has yet to come. As we continue to move forward, I want to encourage you all to continue your journey down the GSNA highway in efforts to ‘Bridge the Gap’ with School Nutrition.

With so many paths to take along the way, it can often be hard to choose just one, however, this month I urge you to focus on community. Step out of your comfort zone and get to know the individuals in your very own community. Invite parents, friends, principals, elected officials and other members of your community to have lunch with you. Tell them your story and help them understand your passion for what we do in school nutrition. I believe that once community members are able to put a face to our name they will learn to become more confident in our programs and support more of our efforts moving forward.

A sense of community and belonging is something we all search for and our School Nutrition Kick-Off Luncheon event in Macon, GA on September 19th presents us with another great opportunity to fulfill that need by meeting other school nutrition professionals from across the state. I encourage you all to attend this amazing event to get to know one another on a deeper level. I am confident that once you do, you will realize that we all share the same passion for serving our communities and feeding our boys and girls. It is this combined passion that makes me proud to be a member of this amazing organization, and you should be too! What we do in School Nutrition matters, you matter, and it is important to always remember that.

As you focus on community this month, remember to take photos and share them with us so we can showcase your efforts and inspire others throughout the state to get out and get active in their own communities as well.  As always, I want to thank you all for the dedication, talent, energy and care you bring to your work. Together, we are making a difference for our students, families and communities. Thank you all again and I hope to connect with each of you in Macon later this month!

GSNA President 2019-2020

 Bridge the Gap in Your Community


Help “Bridge the Gap” in your community by partnering with the community organization such as the YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, your PTA and food pantries. Partnering with other community organizations will help us meet our strategic goals for this year. Let's BEAT our goal of 6500 pounds of donated food items, 650 back packs and/or disposable diapers for needy families in Georgia.

 2019-2020 T-shirt


We now have the 2019-2020 T-shirt available for purchase in various colors. The "Bridging the Gap" T-shirt is $15.00 for Small - 5XL. Click here for an order form.


GSNA Is Seeking Leaders:  Officer Nominations Open


It is time for GSNA to consider nominees for officer positions on the GSNA Executive Committee. This year we are seeking nominations for president-elect, treasurer and system level chair.

Please feel free to recommend fellow school nutrition members that you feel may be interested in being on the 2020 ballot and love the honor of serving as a GSNA Officer.

Candidates must hold a SNA certificate or be credentialed (GSNA will determine eligibility before potential nominees are contacted).  Please submit names by September 30, 2019. Click here for the Nomination Form.


GSNA Affiliation


The Affiliation deadline for this year is October 1, 2019. Please send your affiliation forms to the GSNA office no later than October 1, 2019 if you are going to submit awards applications. The deadline for affiliation for House of Delegates voting for next year is December 2, 2019. Affiliation forms can be found here: http://www.georgiaschoolnutrition.com/Portals/43/docs/GSNA_Affiliation/AffiliationForm.pdf. All forms can be faxed (770-934-8917) or emailed to the GSNA office.

Josephine Martin National Policy Fellow - SNA LAC 2020

Do you know a manager or employee in your school district who is passionate about child nutrition policy and could benefit from attending SNA’s Legislative Action Conference (LAC) in Washington, D.C. on March 8-10, 2020? Encourage your members to apply online to be the Josephine Martin National Policy Fellow! The Fellow will attend with expenses paid (up to $3,000) and be recognized at the event. The application opened on September 1, 2019 and you must submit the online application by October 31, 2019. Visit www.schoolnutritionfoundation.org/scholarships/ for more information.

 To apply, you must:

  • Be an active SNA employee or manager section member, who has been a SNA member for at least three years, as of LAC 2020 (since no later than April 1, 2017)
  • Have never previously attended LAC
  • Be interested in child nutrition policy
  • Submit an online application by October 31, 2019. Please preview the form before applying.

If you have any questions about the fellowship, please contact Heide Voss at hvoss@schoolnutrition.org


National School Lunch Week - October 14-18, 2019


National School Lunch Week (NSLW) is a great opportunity to bring new excitement and increase participation in your School Nutrition Program. The 2019 theme is "SchoolLunch: What's on Your Playlist" which spotlights how your program is serving up Quality Meals that kids want to eat, with increased choices and customization. Music has universal appeal and the theme spotlights the wide variety of flavors, dishes, delivery options and tastes of today's school lunch.

The 2019 National School Lunch Week Georgia Menu is based on the winning recipes from the 2019 Shake it Up Jr. Chef Competition. Please visit http://www.georgiaschoolnutrition.com/News-and-Events/National-School-Lunch-Week to get the menu and recipes.

The goals of NSLW are to promote healthy menus and increase school lunch participation; raise awareness with parents, administrators, and media about the importance of school meals and the role played by school nutrition professionals; and expand the market—online and off—with campaign-themed social media tools and marketing materials.

Resources can be found online at https://schoolnutrition.org/meetings/events/nslw/2019/.  Share what's on your School Lunch Playlist on social media #NSLW19, #GSNABridgingTheGap, #FuelingGA, #ShakeItUpGA! 

 SNA Membership Processing Fee and
Certificate Fee Changes

For the 2019-2020-year, SNA’s Board of Directors has approved small increases to the membership processing fee and the Certificate program fees. As of October 1, the membership processing fee will be increased to $2.50, reflecting the ongoing costs of doing business.
New pricing for the Certificate program will also take effect on October 1, 2019. The changes impact new Certificate applications, renewals and reinstatements. Click here for full details and more information. If you have questions, please contact SNA at certSNS@schoolnutrition.org.

 GSNA 2019-2020 Membership Campaigns

The GSNA “Recruit for Loot” campaign is a good way to help the association build a stronger membership foundation, as well as, give you the opportunity to win great LOOT!!
In order to claim your loot, simply recruit a new member, include your name on their membership application where it asks the question, “Who introduced you to GSNA/SNA?”
Your name will be entered into the “Recruit for Loot” drawing sponsored by GSNA. You will receive one entry each time you recruit a new member.
A drawing will be held at the 2020 State Conference for several valuable prizes.
The more members you recruit, the better your chances to win great loot.
What better way to help us “Bridge the Gap” than by participating in the GSNA “Two for One” membership campaign. Recruit for Loot runs through March 1, 2020.
With a “Two for One” membership, a new member can join with a current member or two new members can join together and pay 1/2 price on their state dues.
The two employees participating in the “Two for One” must join both GSNA and SNA in order to qualify. The discount only applies to the GSNA dues not the SNA dues, nor the SNA processing fee. Both applications MUST be completely filled out and submitted together and marked “GA Two for One”. Two for One Membership ends on October 31, 2019.

 GSNA Grants Available

Garden Grants

Don't forget to apply for the GSNA Garden grant. GSNA has four $500 grants available for  schools to use to help maintain your gardens.
For more information and an application CLICK HERE. 

 NAC Grants

GSNA will award a limited number of $50.00 grants to NAC groups. The grant will be awarded to help fund a local NAC project. The NAC group must be affiliated with GSNA and provide a detailed description of what the project will entail. Only ONE (1) grant per school system will be awarded.  Click here to get a submission form.
 GSNA Platinum Sponsor (As of September 2019)
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