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GSNA Nutrition Advisory Councils (NAC)

Are you interested in educating students about the importance of good nutrition and promoting your school foodservice program?

If so, starting a Student Advisory Group in your school is the way to go.

Organizing a Student Advisory Group in your school benefits both the students and your school nutrition program. This group serves as a link between students, school nutrition personnel, administrators and the community. Not only is the group a vehicle to spread the word about the important role good nutrition plays in students’ lives, but it provides important feedback from students on what they like – or don’t like – about their school foodservice program. By involving students through Student Advisory Groups you will reinforce the idea that school nutrition programs are for them.


Nutrition Advisory Council Forms:

NAC Handbook/Guide
 NAC Affiliation Form
2022 NAC Art Contest Form..coming soon
2022 NAC of Year Award..coming soon



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