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Information on Continuing Education Units (CEU) for SNA Certificate

It is NOT required to send CEU pre-approval forms to GSNA for meetings and training classes. SNA no longer requires that local and district meetings be submitted for approval. All school nutrition programs are allowed to offer CEUs for training.

CEU meeting approval and attendance rosters DO NOT need to be sent to GSNA.

Each member is required to keep their own record of CEUs earned. A record can be a copy of the program agenda or a certificate supplied by the program provider showing the number of CEU credits.

For more information please visit www.schoolnutrition.org for continuing education units information.

CEU Guidelines
  • Individuals are responsible for maintaining documentation of all CEUs earned.
  • Core Requirements and Key Area Hours can be used for CEUs – CEUs cannot be used for Core Requirements or Key Area Hours.
  • CEUs are for Certificate Renewal only.
  • CEUs must be completed or earned within the certification renewal period.
  • CEUs should reflect job-related growth experiences.
  • CEUs for SNA-sponsored events will be maintained in the SNA database.
  • All CEUs must be a minimum of one hour in length. (one "contact" hour equals one CEU credit)
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