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7 Wonders Culinary Contest 

7 Wonders Culinary Contest Guidelines
7 Wonders Culinary Judging Forms  
Standardized Recipe Form (WORD doc)

Georgia Grown commodities grown throughout our beautiful state by tastefully celebrating every region of Georgia. Because our state is so culturally diverse, we would also like our contestants to create “fusion” recipes using a combination or fusion of some of our top Georgia Grown products and commodities infusing those recipes and dishes with traditional, cultural and international flavors that make up the culinary culture throughout the regions of Georgia

“fusion” cuisine? Fusion cuisine combines ingredients and flavors from two or more different traditions, cultures, countries or regions to create an innovative or unique dish. Examples: Tex-Mex, Taco Pizza, Asian Tacos, Sweet n Spicy Burger, Asian inspired Southern Fried Chicken, Fried Chicken n Belgian Waffles, etc. 

Breakfast Fusion
Lunch Fusion
Vegetarian/Vegan Fusion

Bring the Heat!”. 

7 Wonders Culinary Contest Guidelines


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