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Welcome back to a new school year!

GSNA is working with a professional Public Relations agency (the same one that works with the national School Nutrition Association - SNA) to help "tell the School Nutrition story" all around the state. We are looking for good public relations stories from all our schools.
If you think your program is great and should be celebrated in the media please let us know!
We are working to publicize ALL of OUR STORIES.

The agency is CJ Public Relations (CJPR), and they are available to all our members, to bring positive media coverage to your program. Our contact is Emily Sorensen at 860-751-4051 or esorensen@cjpr.com.

Please take a moment to send us your story ideas using the simple check list below (or contact the agency directly, see below)!    If ideas listed apply to your program or you would like to discuss further, please contact Emily Sorensen at 860-751-4051 or esorensen@cjpr.com

Additionally, if you take photos throughout the school year, send them to Emily with a brief description and names of people pictured.  She will be happy to send to the appropriate media contacts and follow-up with editors to confirm publication.

                              PR Story Ideas

-Does your nutrition department have a special event planned at the start of school?

-If an event is planned, will it be visual?

-How will the students be involved in the event?

-Do you have new staff members?  Will they be involved with food planning and/or prep?

-Will students experience new cafeteria options (customization lines, menu items, breakfast serving kiosks) this year?

-Will you be starting any new programs in the cafeteria or in the classrooms?

-Do you have new equipment that will help with meal prep? 

-Are you planning a taste test at the beginning of school?

-Does your school have a garden?

-Will you be harvesting the garden and will students be involved?

-Has your school garden been covered in your local paper?

-Are you working with local farmers or have a new partnership with a local business (that has not been covered by your newspaper in the past)?

-Tell us what you feel is unique about your program?

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