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This year’s mission is to ‘Bridge the Gap’ between school nutrition members and the community by reminding everyone that, no matter which route you take along the way, all roads will eventually lead you to GSNA and our focus on ending childhood hunger.

As an ode to GSNA’s 65th year, our theme will follow the ‘GSNA Highway 65’ road map, which focuses on the areas of Advocacy, Community, Education, Public Image, and Membership. Our 2019-2020 goals are to introduce 6,500 new government contacts through our Advocacy program, donate 6,500 pounds of food throughout our communities, increase staff knowledge by having at least 650 school nutrition staff members attend classes to meet our national professional standards requirements, enhance our public image by sharing 650 images on social media sites, and increase GSNA membership by a minimum of 65 new members.

The completion of these activities will not only bring awareness to GSNA and our school nutrition efforts, but will help to further educate our local communities and garner the support needed to sustain successful school nutrition programs throughout the state. 


GSNA Advocacy Consultant Announcement

We are pleased to announce that Nancy Rice, SNS, former GSNA and SNA President, will be working with us in the area of association and program advocacy.  Nancy feels very strongly that our dedicated  School Nutrition professionals at the grassroots level are making a positive contribution to the health and well-being of Georgia's children, which promotes success to future generations in many ways.  Advocating for our cause by educating Georgia's hard-working elected officials about what we do is of utmost importance in leading that success.

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