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School Nutrition Billboard Campaign

Our 2021 School Nutrition Awareness Billboard campaign has launched!
Billboards will start appearing around Georgia on Monday, March 8th, the first day of National School Breakfast week 2021.

Celebrate school lunch and highlight the celebration of school breakfast by taking pictures the billboards when they are in your area and posting to social media with the hashtags #FuelingGA and #KeepGALearning . Let administrators and teachers know to be on the lookout for the billboards as the Georgia school nutrition messages of “Building Healthy Children, Ready to Learn” and “Fueling Georgia’s Future” are an integral part of education in Georgia.

School Nutrition Billboard Launch & Locations

Breakdown of maps by date: http://apps.lamar.com/SalesMarketing/webresources/content/proposals/allReports.html?pId=4622340&type=P2&sl=true

All coverage on one map: http://apps.lamar.com/SalesMarketing/webresources/content/proposals/allReports.html?pId=4626212&type=P2&sl=true

Celebrate National School Breakfast Week!
March 8-12, 2021

Peer To Peer Training:  A Legacy Of Learning
February 11th • March 11th • April 22nd • May 6th

Please make plans to join us for this wonderful educational series. This opportunity is designed for all school nutrition employees. There will be NO COSTS to attend the virtual training sessions but registration is requested. CLICK HERE FOR A REGISTRATION FORM

GSNA VIRTUAL Legislative Advocacy Conference:  A Legacy of Legislation
March 17, 2021

Join GSNA for the VIRTUAL 2021 Legislative Advocacy Conference (GALAC) “A Legacy of Legislation”.

We invite you to join us as we advocate for Georgia's children about the essential need and value of Georgia School Nutrition Programs.

We are counting on you to help us spread the word about the crucial need for school meals to Georgia legislators. Our current times makes school nutrition more valued than ever.

Our voices NEED to be heard so that we can fill the gap in our communities and continue to “Build Healthy Children, Ready to Learn”.

Click Here For Registration Form:  https://www.georgiaschoolnutrition.com/News-and-Events/Meetings/Legislative-Advocacy-Conference
Visit https://www.georgiaschoolnutrition.com/News-and-Events/Meetings/Legislative-Advocacy-Conference for more information.
Virtual GALAC sponsored in part by 
Supporting Sponsor



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