GSNA 2024 Equipment Academy

January 10-12, 2024

Georgia National Fairgrounds - Perry, GA


Register Now for the 2024 Equipment Academy!

Are you ready to dive into the world of SCHOOL KITCHEN EQUIPMENT

This event promises to be full of information from experts in the field on combi ovens, walk-ins, and many other pieces of kitchen equipment, the latest small wares on display, learning sessions and lots of networking opportunities. 

You will meet live and in person with manufacturer and factory reps as well as GA dealers!  

There are 5 classrooms, which gives you five opportunities to learn about different factories in each equipment category. You will have 1 on 1 time with factory reps, chefs, and equipment dealers. 

You do not want to miss the demonstrations by factory certified chefs on the food products that were chosen with the guidance of GA school nutrition directors.

This year, SN participants will be able to work as a Sous Chef, along with the Corporate Chefs, as the food is prepared for the reception on Thursday evening.

You wanted more hands on… you got it!

You do not want to just SEE the photos on social media… you want to BE in the photos on social media!

Get your registration in TODAY!

Everyone that has registered by Friday, December 15th will be entered in a drawing for two $50 gift cards.


 Maintenance Track for Maintenance Directors & Team Members

Does someone in your school system maintain the equipment in your District’s kitchens?  

Would they benefit from some hands-on training related to kitchen equipment repair? 

Does the chance to build a network with maintenance team members in other Districts to provide outside expertise appeal to you?  

Consider sending one or more of your team members to the Georgia School Nutrition Association Equipment Academy. 

Why send a Maintenance Tech to the GSNA Equipment Academy:

  • Extend operational lifespan of equipment through increase knowledge of effective repair of kitchen equipment
  • Ensure operational efficiency through reduced utility costs and less down time
  • Decrease repair costs through routine preventative maintenance plans
  • Reduce risk to the District on workers compensation claims due to injuries related to ill-maintained equipment causing injury

The GSNA Equipment Academy Maintenance tract will include hands on presentation in a classroom setting. 

Sessions include:

  • Combi / Convection / Hot Side Training and Discussion - SAM
  • Refrigeration / Ice / HVAC Training and Discussion – SAM
  • Electrical / Gas – CFESA
  • School PM Maintenance / Parts / Warranty – Hall Co. 



Your meeting registration covers:

Two and a half days training that meets the USDA Professional Standards guidelines

Lunches are provided for Wednesday, January 10th and Thursday, 
January 11th

Burgers & Bingo on Wednesday evening

Networking Reception on Thursday evening

All meeting materials including the 2024 “Equipment Bible” in hard copy form and on a drive. 

First Day Start-End:            8:00 AM – 5:30 PM Burgers & Bingo
Second Day Start-End:     8:00 AM – 5:30 PM Reception
Third Day Start-End:          8:00 AM – 1:00 PM (SN Only)


Microtel Inn and Suites by Wyndham
$89.99 Double/Double
Registration Deadline: 12/17/23     
110 Fairview Dr., Perry, GA 31069
Phone: 478- 987-4004
5.1 miles from venue

Holiday Inn Express & Suites
$132.00 King or Two Queen $140.00          
Registration Deadline: 12/17/23     
1502 Sam Nunn Blvd, Perry, GA   31069                             
Phone:  478-224-3000
6.9 Miles from venue

Hampton Inn Perry
$155 King/Two Queen
Registration Deadline: 12/17/23 
102 Hampton Court, Perry, GA 31069                                           
Phone:  478-987-7681
5.9 miles from venue

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